Each conducted education is evaluated by various methods among which are those that best describe expectations and results:

I bring:

  • the will for business training
  • questions of ESG guidelines and work experience
  • willingness to learn
  • awareness of the importance of quality, plenty room for improvement, clearly defined duties and tasks
  • curiosity
  • I am not familiar with the topic and with the contents of topic
  • goodwill and interest
  • extensive work experience
  • the will and desire to learn

I expect:

  • to find out how to get involved in the quality system
  • new knowledge and the improvement of the existing knowledge
  • development of creativity and competence
  • understanding of ESG guidelines and the implementation in regular work
  • knowledge
  • practice and approaches
  • I am not familiar with this so I do not know what to expect
  • the role in this issue and obligations
  • information and knowledge
  • quality, complete and consistent service to students
  • learning through practice
  • more information and quality work

I get:

  • better insight into goal setting and quality indicators
  • how to define quality goals, which are the activities and selection criteria
  • the satisfaction that we talked about real problems and possibilities of solving them and that we communicate with other agencies
  • new knowledge and guidance
  • acquainting the system
  • knowledge about the problems of other services
  • I figured what is ESG
  • faith in the improvement of relations in the system of quality
  • a new experience, positive and pleasant
  • better understanding of the quality system and what is it for
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