"Waste art" creative workshops – make waste come to life

Today, it is a generally accepted fact that waste is matter or object discarded by its owner, or else which the owner intends or needs to discard. Waste is created as consequence of all our activities, and inappropriate waste management can significantly threaten human health and ecosystems, and simultaneously represents the loss of resources such as primary materials and energy. How big an impact this will have depends on the amount and character of the waste, and the manner in which it is managed. It is important to know that waste consists of a number of useful primary materials with their own economic, traditional, emotional or cultural value. Do we use these values, or do we take the path of least resistance, most often simply discarding waste?

Within the Waste Art – make waste come to life workshops, a number of new, repurposed products created from waste is developed. Through artistic expression and design, the importance of recycling and reusing waste is learned, and the participants are sensibilised to the importance of biological community and the environment, the ideas of sustainability and circular economy are approached and adopted.

Workshop contente

  1. A lecture on waste, importance of recycling and circular economy
  2. Presentation of objects that are currently waste, with appropriate video on packaging recycling.
  3. Painting and designing objects set through work
  4. Giving function to the newly-created objects

Duration of the workshop: 3 hours

"Waste art" workshops terms:
  • Zagreb: March 18, 2016, 17-20 h
  • Zagreb: April 22, 2016, 17-20 h
  • Zagreb: May 20, 2016, 17-20 h