Intelekta – About us

Intelekta was founded in 2008 with a single goal – to create a platform for the transfer of academic knowledge into the business world.

In the process of development, from the beginning to this day, Intelekta's goals have widened, and, at this moment, we are rightly proud of all the projects and programmes in which we have participated.

The concept of organisation through project teams in Croatia and abroad creates a platform for diverse actions which still retain a common thread in their very character, i.e. sustainability, environment protection and efficient business.

About Us

Since our foundation, we have been devoted to the development of environment protection projects, renewable energy sources, and quality.

In cooperation with different project teams, we develop new projects and programmes, thus encouraging the culturological understanding of environment protection issues, improving the space of informal education, and creating new values through products.


To become a point of reference for different forms of informal education available to everyone. Through projects and programmes, to develop the citizens', culturological and ecological consciousness, and to encourage creativity and artistic expression.


  • Through growth and efficient business, to create preconditions for new programmes and to contribute to the improved quality of existing programmes.
  • To ensure the achievement of highest standards for informal education, and to ensure its recognition.
  • To realise a business that is truly a joint pleasure.


  • To become a recognised participant in the system of informal education and environment protection projects.
  • To ensure financial stability through the development of profitable projects.
  • To increase the level of productivity on all levels.
  • To ensure our own business space.
  • To participate in social development, with the accent on humanitarian actions and support of development of society and the local community.


In its operations, Intelekta cultivates the following values:

  • professionalism – we are trying to reach high professional standards in our work
  • responsibility – we answer to all our users and society as a whole for our work
  • credibility – we perform our projects and tasks objectively and justly, following the highest professional standards
  • openness and ethics – every idea is evaluated by the team, fostering an open, cooperative approach to partnership and moral principles
  • environment protection – we encourage efficient and environmentally acceptable business and develop new values from waste
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